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Top Tips for a Top Statement of Purpose

The statement of purpose which is probably the sure shot way of making the right first impression is by far the most misunderstood piece of writing in graduate and under graduate University courses. What can serve as the students introduction to the academic board or admission committee – a true reflection of their personality, is in most cases reduced to a simple essay and a poor representation of oneself. Here are a few tips to write an effective statement of purpose and ensuring that the right introduction is made for every student.

The biggest mistake that one can make in creating a statement of purpose is to research for it online. In some cases it turns out that instead of creating ones own it is just copied and pasted from an internet source. In this context it is is imperative that one understands that a statement of purpose if reflective of what an individual is looking out from life in general and a university degree in a specific domain in particular. So the first tip is to ensure that you create your own statement of purpose and do not copy blindly from another source.

Have a clear idea of the structure of the statement of purpose. Before you start writing,  research on the structure generally used and also specific to the program you plan to enrol into. It is advisable to start off with a story or an anecdote of what may have motivated you to choose that particular topic. This should be brief and should help the  reader connect to you emotionally.This can also be used to link to your academic achievements, if any. It is critical to note at this juncture that a statement if purpose is always written in the reverse chronological order.

The statement of purpose is an academic document and thus must have clear and precise information of the  academic strengths of a students. Thus be sure to include subjects that you are strong at, academic projects or research undertaken in the area of study as well as trainings or seminars that you may have attended. In case you have been awarded scholarships or won accolades in the domain that may also be highlighted here. Make sure that you include only information for which you can furnish evidence if need be. This means that no lies will be entertained.

It si always good to connect each part of the statement of purpose to  a goal. This in turn should also connect to your professional goals. Some areas to be highlighted include the knowledge enhancement that you would achieve from taking the program and how it can bring you closer to your professional goal. It is also important to state why you chose the particular university or institution and what makes it stand apart. It is also advisable to give details about what your interests are and also in what co –curricular areas you excel in.

All the best to students in showcasing a purpose .