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The nature of assignments across academic prpgrams irrespective of the Unioversoty or region is such that there will be stringent deadlines making them urgent and last minute requests. A lot of assignment writing services though may promise to deliver assignments on time ,find it difficult to do so primarily because they lack good resources. This makes it important for studenst to find out credible assignemnt writing services who can provide urgent assignment help by adhering to deadlines however stringent they may be without compromising on quality.

Here are a few pointers on how to locate the righturgent assignment help.

  • Look for service providers who have a track record of ontime assignment submissions. – This is a verycritical aspect.Most academic assignment writing services will have ratings on search engines like Google as well as user reviews. Websites like freelancer.com also give credible reviews for such services. Be sure to cross check on references specifically with respect to how prompt the service provider is in meeting deadlines.
  • Check the profile of the writer recommended by the service provider – Most assignment writing service providers will provide their cleints a brief profile of their writers. When it comes to meeting strict deadlines , it is advisable to take support from writers whi area available full time . Some examples for this are retired professionals either from an academic or a corporate background or housewives with profeesional degrees.
  • Last but not the least be aware of your role as a student in ensuring on – time submission of assignments. – When there are limited timelines inputs given by the student and its precision will be critical to the final quality of the assignment. So be sure to give quality input.

Ratio Analysis Assignment

The sustainability of any business is a factor of the way the finances are managed  and they hold just as much as importance the vision and mission statement. Ratio analysis is a flexible and efficient financial management tool which helps a manager unravel the financial metrics of the business and the trends that they take up over time. Ratios are indicators of the financial health as well as of the overall perfromance of the organisation. Ratios are also indicators of the strengths and weaknesses of the business and by reveiwing them managers can weave strategies and tactics for development. Ratio analysis is also used by investors and fund management experts to compare between businesses and make critical decisions regarding which business may serve as a better investment.

Students need to understand how to undertake meaningful ration analysis and one critical aspect here is the realisation that any junk in will only bring out junk. Thus the quality of information used to derive your ratios from is very crucial and therefore use only reliable data for ratio analysis. Ratio analysis needs to be considered as a routine task in businesses since it needs to be done repeatedly at regular intervals. Ratios serve not just an internal benchamarks but cvan also be used by managers to compare the performance of their business with that of direct an indirect competition.

Ratio analysis serves a two pronged approach for analysis wherein the ratiosn derived at any point in time can be used as a measure of the financial helath of the business at that point. Contrastingly one can also construct trends of the ratios which will indicate whether the business has picked up or lost out in the period under consideration.

Report Writing

Reports are an integral part of the curriculum and inetrnal assessment requirement of most Universities across the world. This section on the blog tries to break some popular myths with regard to report writing.

Myth – 1 : There is only one kind of report and once you learn to write that you can wrote just about anything. – This is totally wrong. There are various types of reports some of the common ones being reserach report, business report and sales report. Each has a different formal and varies significantly both in structure and composition.

Myth-2 – Reports are a waste of time at the work place and no-one really bothers to read it. – Reports esepcially at the workplace are extremely critical since they provide snapshots of either progress or deterioration. Most managers rely excessively on reports to track and control activities in a business.

Myth-3 – Report Writing is an art. – Definitely not. Report writing is a skill that can be acquired with practice and more practice. Experience in report writing definitely matters but there is nothing artsy about being able to write a report. Most reports follow a format and mandate oodles of reserach .So once you gain a fair bot of practice and knwo where to source information from , just about anyone can write a report.

Myth-4 – You can quote just about anything in an academic report since nooen realy reads them. – Of course not!!! Academic reports go through multiple levels of assessments and probably are the most stringetly reviewed report type. They also need to mandatorily adhere to rubrics recommended making them probably the trickiest report type ever.

Assignment Help

Students especially during their first year are often confused about when and whether at all they should be taking help for completing their assignments. Here are some pointers on when assignment help can be the only way to go.

  • For urgent submissions –On time submission of assignments is critical since any late submission can lead to loss of marks . So in case you have a submission that has stringent deadlines and you have other tasks on priority it may be ideal to outsource.
  • Complicated assignments –Not all assignments may be within a students grasp since there may be multiple tasks across various domains. These may vary in levels of difficulty as well as in the extent of research required. Such tasks may not just be difficult to complete but may also be highly time consuming . This is an ideal scenario to ask for help.
  • Research based tasks – Research based tasks which mandate deep levels of reserach not just eat up time but also mandate credible reserach sources such as refereed journals or publications. These are lengthy documents and reading them , making note of critical points, understanding the technicalities and then rewriting thme or converting them into arguments id more difficult than it sounds. This isa situation where experienced help can be a boon.
  • Semester closure – Semester closure is always a mad rush wherein you may have multiple tasks to finsih,ranging across subjects while also prepping for exams which may just be round the corner. At this juncture taking assignment help may not ease out your burden but may also help you focus on priority areas.