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For any graduate program it is critical to submit a detailed topic based paper supported by research. Students may call it either a dissertation or a thesis and often use the two terms interchangeably. However there are minor differences between a thesis and dissertation. The primary similarity between a thesis and a dissertation is in the structure and both have an introduction, literature review, main content, references and appendices. That’s about it and the rest is entirely different.

Once finished a thesis and a dissertation are entirely different. Most Universities mandate a detailed research based project which even requires primary data and they prefer to call it a thesis. A dissertation is usually associated witha doctoral program and is intended on creation of new theories or concepts again backed by research. It is important to note at this juncture that a dissertation and thesis also vary significantly in their objective. While a thesis is basically an opportunity for a student to apply the theory that they have learnt during their graduate or post graduate program into practice through a related research topic, a dissertation is focused on the development of a new theory or concept in the field of work of the doctoral student. The commonality here is that both the bodies of work need to be substantiated with solid evidence. So if you think that a dissertation and thesis is one and the same maybe you should read this blog.a