What is Dissertation Proposal Writing Help?

A dissertation is a form of final year project that a student has to submit at the end of the semester. It is a form of athesis or a module where you have to focus and learn about a specific topic,and you produce a review of your learning in the form of experimental results or even discussion results. A dissertation proposal must be brief, to the point and focused. The main aim of the proposal is to make a plan for the research and for writing on the dissertation. It is basically an agreement between the committee and the students doing the research work. This is a format that requires a definite style and a thorough understanding of the topic that one is going through. One must follow a strict structure while writing a dissertation. There are certain protocols one must follow while writing a thesis.


Specific Dissertation Proposal Writing Help:

1. The introduction is important,and it must be researched out properly. The problem must contribute to sociology; the nature of contribution should be put down clearly.

2. The problem statement should be properly researched,and the questions to be addressed or the hypotheses formulated should be tested. This section of the proposal will be the nature of dissertation.

3. The kind of research to be proceeded with must have an important mention and the manner of implementation. It must tell about the group of people the research is directed to, how is theone going to select the control and the experimental group and see the variables.

4. Mention of research tools like any particular instruments used or the questionnaires used for getting the details of the population which will easier to segregate for research purpose.
5. Chapter outlines are also a must, the number of chapters and the division of the headings.

6. A proper schedule of the kind of the work and when each and every part of the dissertation is to be finished is to be made.

For a good dissertation, one must have thorough research about the particular topic he has chosen,and he must follow a strict framework for this.

1. Title page which is the very first page of the dissertation which describes the topic, your name and the department you are working on.

2. Then comes the Abstract which gives a brief summary of the thesis where the problem statement is given and the probable solution for that problem statement.

3. Followed by abstract comes the contents table where the all the headings and subheadings are given along with the page number so that the reader can move to the desired portion without any problem.

4. Introduction plays an important role in Aim and Objective. It should arrest the reader’s attention. The introduction gives a very brief background of the project

5. Questionnaires are the part where probable questions have discussed the topic,and the answers are so found in the thesis.

6. Methodology plays a significant role in dissertation writing as it shows the framework or the methods one uses to answer all the questions in their thesis. The basic framework they follow or the theoretical approaches, any formulas or even experiments that one uses to face the problem statement.

7. The final part is the conclusion. This is a vital part as it is the most important part of the thesis. This consists of all the experimental data, the analytical data and the results one have found after rigorous experiments and practices. This part describes the solution of the problem statement. The conclusion includes the methods and formulas used to gather the desired results and is the last thing the reader reads.

8. Bibliography shows the sources you have used or taken help from to write your thesis.
Thus from the above discussion, it is clear that for a proper dissertation writing one must follow a strict protocol and a proper framework for your research materials as well as for the analysis purpose. The proper conclusion to your dissertation writing is absolutely necessary because it is the final thing for the reader and it shows the result of the problem statement that is discussed in the thesis.

How to Write a Great Dissertation or Thesis

Completing your studies is an enthusiastic phase of your life but at the end most students have to present a dissertation or an essay to prove the actual learning they have done. Often students get confused about the content and they dread writing a dissertation. The best way to work these out is through making the process of writing the dissertation simplistic.

A dissertation will be a long essay that you have to submit at the end of your Undergraduate study or your PhD module. The paper is based on a single topic and you fill it with relevant research that you have done on the topic. A student has to extensively dive into learning the topic to present a well written dissertation.

Dissertation Proposal

Points to remember while writing a dissertation or Thesis:

  • The dissertation proposal that you should write should be relevant to the level you can study and work on the dissertation. Never go for something that is farfetched and very hard to tackle. Choose an interesting topic that interest you and work on it. Try some simplistic questions that wouldn’t be very difficult to analyse in the short period of time.
  • As you ponder on writing the dissertation, make sure you have a schedule planned. A schedule will help you to research your topic in an enhanced way. You have to dedicate crucial time to your research work and it should be done every day. Make a timeline for the research work that you plan on doing and you can move along it. If you are having a hard time on a question then move on to the next one and mark the hard question for further research.
  • It is very popular to quote Wikipedia as a source of your knowledge, but you should always look everywhere for the topics. It can be an academic resource site or your college library. Just remember to look through various sources so that you have a conclusive answer to the questions. Remember to organise your research work so that it doesn’t get lost or out of order for you when you need it.
  • When you start writing the actual dissertation makes sure that you maintain the steps that are crucial in writing it. You should make an outline for the dissertation that you are going to present.

This is the basic outline that you may follow:

Introduction: This introduces the main point of your dissertation and also gives the assumptions that you have made.

Literature Review: Here you have to review the process of research you have adopted and your acknowledgements.

Methodology: As a writer of the dissertation you have to give the process of your researches, the way you found resources, you may write about your data, sample or other things related to research.

Findings: Here you will discuss the questions you enquired and the answers you have found based on them. This is the crucial part of your dissertation.

Conclusions: Give a brief overview of your dissertation and also talk about the importance of your dissertation in the academic field you belong to.

Bibliography: Site the sources you have used while researching on the topic.

Prepare a draft of your dissertation and show it to your friends and teacher to have it judged to help you do any necessary changes. Make sure to read the dissertation out when you are writing it and do the necessary edits and proofreading by going through it several times. If you think some questions aren’t explained very well try to look at different sources and add more points.

Tips on finishing the dissertation or thesis:

  • Try to write the introduction after you finish the other parts as it will be easier.
  • Take small breaks while writing the dissertation and have adequate sleep and water.
  • Whenever you research take your own notes so that you are aware of the topic.
  • Do not end on writing the dissertation once, go over it thoroughly to avoid any mistakes.

Keep yourself calm and cool while writing it, do not write the dissertation on the very end, work on your topic from the very day you have given the dissertation proposal. This will help you have a good dissertation and your teachers will definitely be happy about it.