Lots of Assignments- The Leading Cause of Students Depression

Assignments are an essential part of school and college curriculum. It can be printed on a sheet of paper with research work or can be self-written. Well, you will wonder what assignments actually mean. It basically means any task which is assigned to you by your authorities which is to be completed at a scheduled time. Well, it can be as simple as a school homework to project works which involve detailed research on any particular topic. Well, the importance of any academic assignment writing is that it is time-bound and one cannot fail the time.

Assignments given a limited amount is always helpful and helps you with the ability to work faster and write better in exams or gives you a proper knowledge about the particular topic. Assignment increases the depth of knowledge. But recent studies have shown that Assignments leads to depression and distress with the amount of load work increases day by day.

The school and college life are bound by a tight schedule that starts from going to school, extra-curricular activities,and assignments. Basically, students have really less time after the whole day to finish their assignments and thus sacrifice their sleep in order to complete their assignments.

The major causes of depression:

• The students are unable to cope up with the great pressure with the assignment which gives them anxiety about how will they finish their work In the given limited period of time.

• The students often sacrifice their sleep for finishing their work, which directly affects their health and disrupts their diurnal cycle. This might lead to insomnia at night and feel sleepy during class hours, which again directly impacts the progress of the student in the class.

• They feel really, tired and drowsy in the morning, uninterested because of taking thestress.

• Often the students miss out on major life milestones; they miss out on enjoying with friends and the high school fun. This also leads to depression as they cannot meet or have fun which is very essential to some extent.

• They miss out on meeting or going out for family dinners which prevents them from socializations which also has an impact on the student’s mental well being.

• The strictness at school and the perfection of submission also create anxiety among the students,and they feel really stressed.

Well, do you know the definition of Depression that everyone talks about? It is nothing but a mental mood disorder which is characterized by persistent sadness and loss of interest in work, which can be brought under control at anearly stage with proper counseling and understanding. But at a later stage, it is very difficult to revert the person from severe depression,and you will need to take help of anti-depressant drugs. College or school depression is not a form of clinical depression,and the main cause begins at school or college.

Some symptoms of Depression:

• Students feel a difficult to concentrate and feel very sad and anxious all the time.

• They have a feeling of hopelessness and that nothing will be better even if they try.

• They feel pissed and get irritated at small issues or matters. They get frustrated very easily.

• They lose their interest in daily day to day activities and don’t enjoy their hobbies too. They find it as a burden to work out with their interest.

• They lose their interest in eating food, thus lose a lot of weight and appetite, in some people they eat a lot and crave for more food when they are depressed or stressed, they feel that eating helps them and thus gain a lot of weight.

• They struggle to handle themselves and have outbursts and episodes of tearfulness. They face physical problems and suffer from episodes of headaches or backaches.

• They feel useless and unworthy and blame themselves for things under which they do not have any control.

• They have suicide thoughts for escaping all the responsibilities and relieve their stress. There have been many cases of suicide every year in schools or colleges.

It is very important to know and notice the signs of depression and counsel the students. It should be taken care that assignments assigned should not stress the students.

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