Five Top Reasons Why You Face Obstacles in Learning How to Write Essay

Essay writing is an art and for enabling the inculcation of the art is taught from a very early age. At school, the English language meant knowing spellings and grammar properly and learning how to write an essay. The essay is basically a write up about a specific topic. It can be imaginative or facts based.

Well, proper guidance is needed from a very early age with the development of a good vocabulary skill and widening the scope of imagination and thoughts.


Many people come across problems while writing an essay and the Top five obstacles are:

• Lack of expression: Many people find it very difficult to write about things as they cannot express themselves in words.

• Lack of vocabulary: a good vocabulary is a must for writing an essay. One need not use a flowery language but a proper vocabulary without any kind of grammatical error.

• Lack of content: Some topics are such, in which one is unable to find enough matter to write in. Proper research is important for writing content, so one needs to look up about the topic. There are times when you don’t get a direct topic, so you need to look up for the subparts which when written properly will give you enough subject matter to write about the topic.

• Lack of proper presentation: An essay must have a proper introduction, body, and conclusion. Often people struggle to break down an essay into these three headings. The introduction must be catchy and should develop an interest for the readers to read it. The body should have proper division and should be divided into proper paragraphs. Some people fail to break down the essay into paragraphs which gives monotony to the readers.

• Lack of Confidence: This is the most common problem that can despise a writer is a fear of not being able to write an essay properly. It does not matter if one has the skill or not, or if one is experienced or not. It does not necessarily mean that you should be filled with knowledge about everything till the brim, but it is about is having the confidence that one can.

Some Points to remember while writing a descriptive essay:

1. The prewriting phase where you have to think about what they want to describe. The description of a particular topic should be original, and it should be on the level of work you have done on that topic. Contents copied from other sources and using it in your topic is not a good idea to be nurtured.

2. Scheduling of time for research and jotting down the important points plays a crucial role in descriptive essay writing. One must brainstorm about all the topics they want to describe, not just about a particular person but also about a particular place. The place will be described in such a way the setting of the object should be done in such a way that the reader gets connected to it.

3. Proper usage of the framework is necessary for this kind of writings. When you start writing in your topic, make sure you provide sufficient information regarding your topic, and you must distribute in such a way that the outcome is clear and must be understood by everyone. You can create a rough draft where you describe all the features of your content; the reader must get a rich experience in your subject.

4. Revision of the draft and editing plays an important role in your descriptive essay writing. Revision phase helps to modify and reorganize the work to give the best experience to the reader. These essays should be precise in its details and describe from being general and then focus on the specific factor. The final is the editing phase where proof readings are done, and any grammatical errors are being checked. The style and clarity are also checked in this final phase.

The final step of the descriptive essay is the review part. Once you are completed with your essay, now read your essay from the reader’s point of view. Then you judge yourself whether the essay makes any sense to you or the language you have used to convey the description, whether it is enough to create a vivid picture inside the reader’s mind or not. After all the proof readings and grammatical corrections if you are satisfied with the outcome then you can finish your essay.

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