What Are The Suitable Words You Can Choose For Your Essay?

When you write your assignment it is really crucial that you choose your words very carefully. Otherwise, it may ruin the impression of your entire work and affect your marks as well.

Guidelines to Be Followed:

Avoid Using Slang Or Colloquial Terms: The use of slang and colloquial terms such as ‘fetch, yonder’ etc., are a big no when it, comes to academic custom essays. It doesn’t matter whether the tone of your essay is formal or informal or you write it in first, second or third person format you should avoid the usage of slang and colloquial terms at all cost.

These types of words may be great for your blog writing or for stories but, academic essays are certainly not the place where you should use them. Use of such words can fetch you no good but, can only show your insincerity and callous approach towards your work.

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Avoid Using Vague And Unclear Words: At times, it so happens that the words that you use while writing may make perfect sense to you while it may appear to be completely vague for the person reading it.For instance:

• “After completing the homework, the muffins were swallowed.”
• “After completing the homework, the children ate the muffins.

Read the sentences and you will notice the difference for yourself. The second sentence gives you a clear and better perspective than the first one. Thus, you should make proper use of words while writing an academic essay so that it makes proper sense. Read the essay as many times possible to figure out the mistakes or you can also make someone read it for you so, that he/she can point out the words that sounds weird if, you are unable to make it out on your own.

Do Not Repeat: When you have only 500-1000 words to write, it is obvious that your central idea is focused on a single topic and thus, repetition of words and phrases becomes a common occurrence. But, the problem with repetition is that it makes the essay look cliched. Also, the words lose its meaning and it becomes tiresome for the readers to read your essay. To avoid repetition of words, read through the essay nicely. You can also think of alternative words that you can use instead of using the same words over and over again.

Do Not Use Redundant Terms: Redundancy is the use of unnecessary words where they are not required at all and the sentence would still make perfect sense even without the use of these words. Like for example:

• “It is absolutely important that you take your medicines on time.”
• “This is really very good.”

In the above two sentences if, you remove the words ‘absolutely’ and ‘really’ from their respective sentences, each of the sentences would still make complete sense. Therefore, do not use words just to hit the word count or for the sake of just using it.

Use the Words In Right Connotation: Each English word has a lot of synonyms to it. It is important that you use the correct synonym for your sentence otherwise, the meaning of the sentence may change completely or it may not make any sense at all. In order to avoid these kinds of mistakes, you need to be well acquainted with the connotation of the word. Use of correct words can reinforce your point in the essay. So, if you are in doubt take help from the dictionary but, do not use wrong words.

Always keep these essential points in your mind while writing your assignment. This will make your work stand out because of its quality.

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