Top 5 Concerns Students Have While Writing Assignments

Writing assignments is an integral part of every student’s academic life. It doesn’t matter which stream or course you are in; assignment is a thing that you will have to come across in your academic years. It can be anything, a research paper, a case study, a report or anything that can send the chills down your spine. Even if you try to avoid it, there’s no escape from it. Most students find it difficult writing an assignment. That’s because they either do not know what to do or have less or no knowledge about the topic that they have to write on.

In order to present an impressive work, one needs to conduct a thorough research on the topic and prepare a complete work-plan according to which they will work on their assignment. This not only ensures the quality of your assignment but it also helps you to finish your work on time. There can be a plenty of factors because of which a student may end up messing around with their assignment. In this article, we are going to discuss a few of them.


The Top 5 Concerns

Some of the main concerns that students may have while writing their assignments are listed below:

1. Keeping The Assignment For The Last Minute: The biggest mistake that most students commit is that they keep their assignments on hold until the last minute. What they fail to realize is that writing an assignment is not a one day task and therefore, sufficient time should be dedicated to it. If you think you can complete all the work related to your assignment starting from the research work to writing the assignment down in just one day then, you couldn’t be more wrong than this. Doing so will only affect the quality of your work, and most importantly you may not be able to finish it on time as well.

2. Insufficient Planning: In reference to the first point when you keep the work on pending, you do not get enough time to plan out your entire work. Because of which you may end up messing up your assignment. Therefore, it is important that you start working on your assignment from the very first day so, that you can have sufficient time to plan out the proceedings of your assignment. This will help you to create a good quality work.

3. Poor Thesis: It is often noticed that most students do not realize the importance of a thesis statement and tend to skip it. The main purpose of a thesis statement is to explain the topic of your work and whether you are writing against or in support of it. Not only that but, it also helps in revealing and clarifying the facts about the same. A thesis statement is included in the introduction which gives direction to your words further. In order for your work to be of utmost quality, you need to make sure that you write an impressive thesis statement which will guide your readers to understand your topic better.

4. Not Including The Citation And Referencing: It is important to mention the name of the sources from where you are collecting the information from. But often, students do not value its importance and thus, skip it in their assignments. What they don’t understand is if they do not mention the sources then, their work may be regarded as copied. After all, your professor may think that you have just copied it from your classmate. In order to avoid such situations, you need to add a section in your assignment where you name your sources.

5. Use of Improper Language: Writing any kind of assignment requires you to follow a formal style of writing, and thus, any touch of informal writing can ruin the quality of your work. Therefore, make sure that you do not mix up the two styles in your work and stick to the formal style of writing throughout your work.

These are some of the main concerns that students have during their assignments. But if they keep these points in their mind then they may avoid committing the same mistake while writing their next assignment.

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