How to Write the Best Conclusion Chapter for Thesis Proposal

A thesis without a conclusion is just incomplete. Students need to realise that the conclusion is equally important as the introduction and therefore, equal attention should be paid to it. As introduction is the first chance of impressing your readers, similarly the conclusion is the last chance to do so. Therefore, you need to make sure that you write a good one. Most students make the mistake of neglecting the conclusion which is the biggest mistake they can commit in writing a thesis proposal. In order to write a good conclusion you need to keep certain points registered in your mind which we will discuss in this article.

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Tips To Write the Best Conclusion

It is often been noticed that in the excitement of finishing the thesis proposal, students end up messing up their conclusions. In order to avoid so you need to follow the below listed points:

1. Explain The Main Findings Of Your Study: Throughout your thesis paper you have explained or discussed something new in each chapter. Now the main thing that you have to do is conclude these important points in the last chapter of your thesis in order to link them all together. This will help your readers to understand the main objective of your study.

2. Recommendations for The Future: A thesis is basically useless if it lacks recommendations for the future. Therefore, it is important for you to include a portion in your conclusion chapter that would include the possibilities for the future. This will not only attract more readers but it will also add extra value to your work. After all coming up with your own suggestions based on your study is something that is expected of a good thesis paper. Remember that your conclusion should be able to give rise to new questions and queries that would demand to be answered in the future.

3. Summarize It: Conclusion is the last section of your thesis and therefore, it is your last chance to impress your readers. At times the readers may not go through all the chapters in your thesis and may directly jump into the conclusion in order to get idea about the entire study. Therefore, it is important for you to summarize it properly and make sure that you do not miss out on any important point in your conclusion. Also, make sure that you do not copy the exact lines from the thesis while summarizing it up.

4. Personal Opinion: Writing a thesis means that it’s your original work, something which has been never known before. It is your creation and you are the hero of your work and therefore, you personal opinion thus matter a lot. Your readers will look forward about your opinion about the study before they form their own opinion about it. Therefore, make sure that you justify your work with your thoughts and opinions properly poured out in the conclusion section of your study.

5. Accept the Limitations: You need to understand the fact that no matter how hard you work on your thesis, there will be some limitations in your work which you need to accept. Therefore, it is important that you include those limitations in your conclusion and that there may a possible scope for further addition to the content of your study. However, do not mention any negative points about your work in the conclusion.

6. Provide Answers: The fact that your readers have dedicated their time in order to read your thesis, it is important that you provide them with answers in the end. You should not end your thesis with questions and queries unanswered. Make sure that you put a proper end to what you have created.

7. Do Not Introduce Anything New: Conclusion is that part of your assignment where you answer all the questions and summarize all the important points made in your thesis earlier. Therefore, introducing something new in your conclusion is just pure vague and it will only confuse your readers. So make sure you avoid it.

With these expert tips now, you can write proper conclusions to your thesis without any problem. All you have to do is keep these points in your mind.

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