How to have a reverse outline of your essay draft

Reverse outlining is the process of checking through the already drafted essay to check if all the points are in the right order. Reverse outlining is given a name as such because before drafting the essay, the points are put in order to frame an essay but somewhere in between the essay goes out of place, in order to tackle that one goes for a reverse outlining.

essay draft

Procedures to be done before the reverse outline:

An essay is a collection of words that can have word count ranging from 100 to 1000 words. The essay is given as an assignment right from school students to college students and even in higher education centers. An essay can be based on anything; be it a questionnaire kind of essay; pro or cons kind of essay; essay focused on one single topic and such. The essay is writing aids so much of benefits like the culmination of thoughts, presentation of ideas, search for the right information and new words. The essay writing habit has to be cultivated from the younger ages in order to foster the thinking abilities of the child and to help the child organize his thoughts and ideas on various burning topics and to have an alertness of things happening around the child.

What is usually done before drafting an essay?

The essay drafting requires jotting down of points and ideas together on a sheet of paper. An essay can take any duration of time to be completed and also some essays mentioned the exact amount of time duration within which the essay has to be completed. So as and when new ideas arise, it has to be written on a sheet of paper and the various sources which are sought to write down the ideas might be of different views and opinions on the same issue and hence the disorderliness of the order in the essay should not be cared about as the ultimate goal, for now, is to get ideas for the essay. According to the word limit mentioned in the essay, the points have to be collected, and it has to be made sure that the points are aptly on the given topic.

Drafting the essay

The points gathered do not have any verbs, adverbs, nouns, pronouns, preposition, conjunction, article, gerunds, infinitives, etc. Which are the ones that are actually mandate to make the essay looks flawless?As for how the points in an essay are to be given importance, the grammar also should be given the right kind of check, and the validation of grammar should be done.

The main idea of reverse outlining:

The essay should not appear clumsy. The essay should start with the AB of the topic and wade through the main ideas and then give a proper conclusion. Basically, how an essay should proceed is given below:

• The first paragraph should give a brief introduction to the topic.
• The second, third. Fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth paragraphs of the essay should speak about the main ideas around the topic.
• The second should give an insight into the introduction. An introduction as the name suggests gives an overview, so for the audience to have a deeper understanding of the topic the second should give a deeper understanding.
• The third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eight should give illustrations to prove the point. They can include incidents and life events, proving points to give importance to the topic in case of a single side topic, advantages and disadvantages in case of pro-cons, boon or bane kind of topics.
• Be it a single side topic or a topic that expects someone to prove or a topic that has to show both sides of a coin, a conclusion that substantiates the topic has to be given for a finishing touch.

Things to be noted while the reverse is outlining:

• While reverse outlining, each paragraph is given a number, and it is checked whether the order has been followed by the paragraph number bearing the topic heading.
• The paragraphs should not deviate from the para subheading’s core idea and should not include any other details other than the points relevant to the subheading.
• A walkthrough should be done to check if there is a clear flow of ideas after looking through the numbering of paragraphs.

Thus, an essay requires these three steps to be followed to make it the best one, out of which the reverse outlining is a mandate one to convey the points crystal clear and forthright.

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