Guidelines for Solving A Case Study

Although case studies form an important part of a student’s academic coursework for most students solving a mysterious case is nothing less than a nightmare. The main objective behind assigning case studies to students is to improve their reasoning skills and also to prepare them for similar real life situations that may occur. It is because it is nothing unusual if, the students come across such similar incidents in their professional life themselves.

Therefore, the case studies are assigned so that they already know how to deal with it and stay prepared for the future. Case studies can be solved without going through much of a problem if, you do it the right way. So, there’s no need for you to make an unnecessary fuss about it. Go through the guidelines given below, and you will know how to crack a case study the easy way.

How to Solve A Case Study?

There are several students out there who will straight away start to cry out in agony when they are assigned to solve a case study for their assignment. But, there’s nothing to worry about. Like all other academic work solving a case study can also be fun if, you know what to do and how to do. The basic guidelines to solve a case study are given below. Have a look.

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Collect The Facts: While reading the case for the first time, underline the important points, the factual statements and other crucial key points related to the case. This will give you a brief understanding of what the case is all about and will also help you in understanding the case better later on.

Comprehend The Background: The most important part of solving a case study is first to understand the environment or the background in which a case is set. Whether you are a business management student or one studying science, understanding the background of the case study is crucial to comprehend the case itself. Solving a case study becomes a lot easier if, you have already understood the setting of the case.

Identify the Key Issue and Analyse It: Students often complain that this is the main challenge they face when solving a case study. It is because the main problem in the case is often hidden, therefore, read the case over and over again to figure out the key issues in the case.Once you have identified the issue, analyze the reasons and the characteristics of the issue which is involved in the case. Use your knowledge related to the subject in order to understand and explain the key issue of the case.

Dealing with The Issue: Once you have identified the issue the main question lies is that how would you deal with it? Every problem can be dealt with in a number of ways but, the important part is to figure out that one method that would be best suited to understand and solve it. You should be able to provide a logical reason for why you think that the method chosen by you is the best way to deal with the case.It reveals your understanding of the case.

So the next time when you are assigned to solve a case study bring out the Sherlock Holmes in you and start searching for the clues and facts to unfold the mystery in the end. Trust me once you get the taste of it, it is going to be an interesting journey. So, don’t give up and follow the guidelines mentioned above.

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