Priceless Tips for Writing A Custom Assignment

Writing a good assignment is no child’s play. It requires complete hard work, dedication and focuses to complete an assignment that can fetch you good grades. In this world of Facebook comments and Twitter where people express their views and opinions in less than 140 words or so, the art of writing is surely dying out. When you write an assignment, it demands a very different style of writing than the one we follow on social media. In order to score high grades in your academic assignment writing, you need to follow a good prose style of writing.

Students who belong to the social science and humanities department are obviously expected to follow an advanced prose style of writing than the ones who are in the technical disciplines like in medicine and business. But at the end of the day getting used to a good writing style is not harmful.

Custom Assignment

How to Write a Good Custom Assignment?

No matter which field you belong from here are a few important tips that you should keep in your mind while writing your assignment.

1. Thorough Understanding Of The Topic Is Needed: No matter how well you have written your assignment if the content within is not good enough then there’s no point writing one. You cannot just write anything you want and expect to get good marks just because you’re writing style is on point. A good assignment needs to have a strong content in it which should be written in a good prose style. Such assignments can hike your grades up to notches. Therefore, it’s important for you to understand and research the topic well before you start writing about it otherwise, it’s of no use.

2. Use Your Words Write: When you write an assignment you need to keep a check on the words you use. This is because each word has a different linguistic usage. A word which may fit just right with a sentence may not go well with another sentence even if both the words have the same meaning. In order to use the words correctly, you need to understand that you have to use them in the right context. Two words with the same meaning may or may not be appropriate for a given context. To decide on the usage of the right word, you need to understand its literal meaning.

3. Follow A Simple Yet Impressive Writing Style: Words that are chosen carefully and are correctly placed forms the best of sentences. Use of such sentences in your piece of writing sets the tone for the entire essay and also keeps the reader hooked on to your writing.

4. Keep The Usage Of Technical Jargons In Check: Almost every discipline demands the usage of a good amount of technical terms that are particular to the discipline itself. Like for example, a student of psychology is likely to use terms such as ‘penis envy’, ‘phallocentric’, etc. which may not make any sense to people who do not study psychology. Usage of such technical terms in limit is just fine until and unless a student going overboard with it.

5. Use Short Paragraphs: Dividing the essay into small paragraphs not only makes it easier for the readers to read the essay conveniently but it also helps the writer to divide the central idea into several sub-topics. The division of paragraphs should appear effortless and should contain one particular point of argument only. And also make sure that the flow of information from paragraph to paragraph is in sync otherwise, it wouldn’t make any sense.

6. Always Copy-Edit And Proof-Check: A good assignment should be free of any errors. Therefore, you should always proof-check and copy-edit your assignment before submitting it. While copy-editing involves the removal of unnecessary portions, proof-reading deals with the detection of grammatical and spelling errors. Even the best of the writers go for proof-reading and copy-editing. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be any demand of copy editors and proofreaders by the publishing houses.

Follow these simple tips irrespective of your discipline and you will no longer have to worry about submitting a good piece of writing in your college or university.

What Is A Case Study Analysis And How To Write It Properly

Like any other academic research project, a case study is an integral part of a student’s course. The term case study mainly refers to a description of a real situation which is studied by a method of analysis that is backed up by extensive research. The analysis of a case study means examining of an issue or a problem which involves a decision or a solution that is to be drawn in order to solve the problem. Most case studies are often based on real life situations that have actually happened and may have its certain portions disguised for privacy purposes. Now case studies can be of four types which include: illustrative, exploratory, cumulative and critical.

The analysis of a case study can be considered as a learning process in which students under the guidance of their instructors studies the problem related to a case and tries to come up with an ultimate solution or decision based on his research, observation and interpretation. The whole purpose of analyzing a case is to come up with a solution after studying the problem thoroughly. In this article, we are going to focus on how to write a proper case study analysis.

case study

How to Write A Case Study Analysis?

In order to solve a case study first you need to identify and understand the central issue involved in the case. To do so, you need to ask yourself a few questions related to the case that you have just studied. The questions may include the following:

1. What is the key problem involved?
2. Is there more than one problem or issue involved?
3. If there are more than one issue involved, classify them as primary and secondary issues.
4. Explain the problem or problems as vividly you can.
5. Who is/are the victims or affected by the problem?

Writing an analysis of a case study should include the following sections:

1. Defining The Problems: This is the section where you need to describe the statement of the issue or problem as clearly as you can. It should be precise and to the point.

2. Analysing Case Data: While analysing the case data, you need to answer the following questions:

• How or why did the problems arise?

• Who is the victim or the one that is most affected by the problem?

• What are the opportunities and the constraints of the situation?

3. Generating Alternatives: This is the section where you come up with different alternative solutions to the problem. There can be many solutions that you can come up with so, the best thing to do is as creative as you can. When dealing with this section, keep the following points in mind:

• You may come up with a dozen of alternatives but, the solutions should be realistic enough and fit well with the constraints of the problem.

• Do not provide any two or more other undesirable alternatives in order to make the reasonable alternative appear look more appropriate in comparison.

• The alternatives provided by you, may be implemented at any point if the case. Now if, there emerges a serious problem regarding the implementation of the solution then, you will be the one charged for suggesting it.

4. Key Decision Making: This is one of the most important part of a case study where you have to decide that which alternative is the best appropriate alternative for the case. In order to do so you have to understand the case or the concept of it thoroughly. Your decision regarding choosing the best alternative cannot just be a random guess. It has to be based on certain determining factors.
Structure Of A Case Study Analysis

Different type of case study may require a different type of format however the overall structure remains the same. Here you go with the basic structure of a case study analysis:

1. Title Page
2. Table Of Contents
3. Summary/Introduction
4. Problem/Issue Statement
5. Data Analysis
6. Key Decision
7. Alternative Analysis
8. Recommendations
9. Action and Implementation Plan
10. Exhibits

Now that you are more or less familiar with how to write a case study analysis hopefully, you will not face any difficulties while writing one.

How to Write a Great Dissertation or Thesis

Completing your studies is an enthusiastic phase of your life but at the end most students have to present a dissertation or an essay to prove the actual learning they have done. Often students get confused about the content and they dread writing a dissertation. The best way to work these out is through making the process of writing the dissertation simplistic.

A dissertation will be a long essay that you have to submit at the end of your Undergraduate study or your PhD module. The paper is based on a single topic and you fill it with relevant research that you have done on the topic. A student has to extensively dive into learning the topic to present a well written dissertation.

Dissertation Proposal

Points to remember while writing a dissertation or Thesis:

  • The dissertation proposal that you should write should be relevant to the level you can study and work on the dissertation. Never go for something that is farfetched and very hard to tackle. Choose an interesting topic that interest you and work on it. Try some simplistic questions that wouldn’t be very difficult to analyse in the short period of time.
  • As you ponder on writing the dissertation, make sure you have a schedule planned. A schedule will help you to research your topic in an enhanced way. You have to dedicate crucial time to your research work and it should be done every day. Make a timeline for the research work that you plan on doing and you can move along it. If you are having a hard time on a question then move on to the next one and mark the hard question for further research.
  • It is very popular to quote Wikipedia as a source of your knowledge, but you should always look everywhere for the topics. It can be an academic resource site or your college library. Just remember to look through various sources so that you have a conclusive answer to the questions. Remember to organise your research work so that it doesn’t get lost or out of order for you when you need it.
  • When you start writing the actual dissertation makes sure that you maintain the steps that are crucial in writing it. You should make an outline for the dissertation that you are going to present.

This is the basic outline that you may follow:

Introduction: This introduces the main point of your dissertation and also gives the assumptions that you have made.

Literature Review: Here you have to review the process of research you have adopted and your acknowledgements.

Methodology: As a writer of the dissertation you have to give the process of your researches, the way you found resources, you may write about your data, sample or other things related to research.

Findings: Here you will discuss the questions you enquired and the answers you have found based on them. This is the crucial part of your dissertation.

Conclusions: Give a brief overview of your dissertation and also talk about the importance of your dissertation in the academic field you belong to.

Bibliography: Site the sources you have used while researching on the topic.

Prepare a draft of your dissertation and show it to your friends and teacher to have it judged to help you do any necessary changes. Make sure to read the dissertation out when you are writing it and do the necessary edits and proofreading by going through it several times. If you think some questions aren’t explained very well try to look at different sources and add more points.

Tips on finishing the dissertation or thesis:

  • Try to write the introduction after you finish the other parts as it will be easier.
  • Take small breaks while writing the dissertation and have adequate sleep and water.
  • Whenever you research take your own notes so that you are aware of the topic.
  • Do not end on writing the dissertation once, go over it thoroughly to avoid any mistakes.

Keep yourself calm and cool while writing it, do not write the dissertation on the very end, work on your topic from the very day you have given the dissertation proposal. This will help you have a good dissertation and your teachers will definitely be happy about it.

Why Students Always Looking for Essay Writing Service

The essay writing is a mandate for any studies as it reveals the ideas and knowledge gained out of their degree or out of school.

What is an essay?

An essay is the framework of ideas based on a particular topic/subject. A student who is pursuing any degree must present an essay at least once in his lifetime for the completion of his/her high schooling or project. The essays need to be presented in such a manner that the content reaches everybody in a flawless presentation. The culmination of ideas, the plays of words, the razor-sharp grammar usage, the right flow of points is all it takes to produce a good essay.

Essay Writing

The nuances of a good essay:

Before diving into why the students go for an essay writing service, the students should be aware of how the essay can be presented well in order to choose the right essay writing service

  • Concisely written
  • Usage of idioms and phrases wherever required
  • The content should be sharp and crisp
  • Usage of quotes are appreciated
  • Usage of subheadings and bulletins add more readability to the content.
  • The content should not deviate from the core of the topic
  • Pictures and diagrams can be used for a better illustration
  • Neither too long nor too short
  • A proper introduction and conclusion is a must

Reasons why students prefer essay writing service:

The following reasons can be stated for the students not able to write essays on their own and instead prefer an essay writing service:

  • The ideas in mind are coagulated and the inability to present them on paper

The student’s mind is flooded with ideas and points. But they are intermingled in the structure that they aren’t able to point out the thought process rightly in a sheet of paper. The professional essay writer would have been into this for a long time and they know the nuances of grasping the customer needs and demands and keeping the essay up to their expectations. The essay writing in itself is an art and not many possess such extraordinary skills to put their ideas straight and sharp that is reachable to the audience in a sheet of paper.

  • The wrong usage of grammar

The students, a few even having amazing technical skills do not flair well when it comes to putting the ideas down in words. This is why even some of the huge information technology and engineering company giants hire copywriters and content writers for writing for their brochures and pamphlets. The grammar skills of a language in itself is a study as a whole and only a language with proper grammar is respected.

  • Unfamiliar with language

There are many students who migrate to a different country to study there and there are the chances when the student who is familiar with the other languages and not so familiar with the vernacular language and he/she gets stuck up in a situation where they hire for an essay writer who is familiar with the language so that their ideas get the exact reach as expected. For instance, if an Indian student moves to Germany or Japan or South Korea or Italy or France for his higher studies, has to submit his essays for his coursework there. In spite the student getting certified with the language skills before he/she moves to that respective country. The chances of error in the presentation of words are very high as they are new to the language. So, they go for a professional writer to get their essays done.

  • To score high CGPA

The essay writing services are especially sought after by the students who have moved abroad. The have a GRE or a TOEFL score of high levels and even though possessing such high scores aren’t enough for them to write an essay on their own. The poor language used in the document might prove to be a reason for their low scores. The students who put their fullest of efforts into the coursework don’t want the struggles to go in vain due to poor essay presentation skills. This is one of the biggest reasons why students go for an essay writing service.

Thus, these reasons can be stated as to why students prefer essay writing services and the tips to be remembered by the students for a cross-check of a good essay.

Mistakes to Be Avoided While Writing Your Assignment

Most of the mistakes in an assignment are found because of the fact that students take less or no interest while writing it. For most students assignment writing is a burden that should be gotten rid of as soon as possible. But, assignments are given to students so that they can be assessed based on their work. And, this is the very reason that you should take your assignment a bit too seriously and make sure that there are no mistakes in it. Continue reading

Guidelines for Solving A Case Study

Although case studies form an important part of a student’s academic coursework for most students solving a mysterious case is nothing less than a nightmare. The main objective behind assigning case studies to students is to improve their reasoning skills and also to prepare them for similar real life situations that may occur. It is because it is nothing unusual if, the students come across such similar incidents in their professional life themselves.

Therefore, the case studies are assigned so that they already know how to deal with it and stay prepared for the future. Case studies can be solved without going through much of a problem if, you do it the right way. So, there’s no need for you to make an unnecessary fuss about it. Go through the guidelines given below, and you will know how to crack a case study the easy way. Continue reading

How to Write a Constructive Piece of Writing?

Assignment writing is one such thing that is hated by almost every student until and unless you are the geeky bookworm kind. Students are either uninterested or find it boring to work on such a dull thing. The topics assigned are usually hard and requires a lot of research before writing. And, this is where most of the students lose their interest. It seems like they need some kind of motivation in order to work for their assignment. And, the worst part about writing assignments is that it comes with a deadline.

To cope with all these most students take the help of online writing services. These services write your assignment for you and that too on time without you having to worry about anything. But in case you are not willing to hire any of these services, you can follow the general rules on how to write a great constructive piece of writing. Continue reading

What Are The Suitable Words You Can Choose For Your Essay?

When you write your assignment it is really crucial that you choose your words very carefully. Otherwise, it may ruin the impression of your entire work and affect your marks as well.

Guidelines to Be Followed:

Avoid Using Slang Or Colloquial Terms: The use of slang and colloquial terms such as ‘fetch, yonder’ etc., are a big no when it, comes to academic custom essays. It doesn’t matter whether the tone of your essay is formal or informal or you write it in first, second or third person format you should avoid the usage of slang and colloquial terms at all cost. Continue reading

Innovate Your Writing Skills with These Techniques

If you think writing is an easy task then, you are completely wrong. It is one of the most strenuous tasks which involve the participation of all the four lobes of your brain in order to deliver your message on a piece of paper. Shocked much? Well, that’s how it is! So, now can you imagine how pressurizing it is for students to deliver high quality written content that too within a limited time? Continue reading

This Is Why Dissertation Proposal Writing Help Is So Famous!

Writing a dissertation paper is the initial stage of every doctoral or master’s program. And, trust me it is not an easy task. Most students find it extremely difficult to find a topic that has never been researched by anyone previously and then, writes an acceptable dissertation proposal on it. To write a good dissertation proposal, you require a lot of expertise and time. After all, your entire Ph.D. or master’s degree depends on the approval of your dissertation proposal. Therefore, you cannot afford to screw it up. If you think, you are not skilled enough to write a satisfying dissertation proposal then; you might consider hiring a Dissertation Proposal Writing Help service.

It is not at all surprising that why these services are getting so famous among the students. The students are usually assigned with the dissertation task to be completed within a given time. This makes it extremely difficult for a student to manage the entire process of finding a topic, researching it, writing and etc. Therefore, they are forced to seek help from external sources. And that is when these services come as rescuers. These services are specially designed to help the students prepare a perfect dissertation proposal and secure a good grade. These dissertation services help the students through the whole process of dissertation writing, right from the beginning to the end. Continue reading